Welcome to Rowland Watson and Thomas Wild

For nearly 3 centuries, Rowland Watson and Thomas Wild were amongst the most prolific names in the Birmingham gunmaking industry, making guns for the public as well as producing guns for other historic names such as William Powell, Webley, W. Ford, and G. E. Lewis, to name a few. The ubiquitous Thomas Wild hammer gun proved immensely popular from its inception, and remained in production long after hammer guns became obsolete, giving shooters a modest, affordable and reliable alternative to the offerings of other makers and becoming iconic in its own right.


Now, we are proud to return Rowland Watson and Thomas Wild as one of the oldest surviving gunmakers in the world, retailing preowned fine English shotguns and offering a complete range of services and repairs on all guns, with a line of new shotguns currently in development.

New Guns

We are currently developing a new range of sidelock and boxlock side-by-side shotguns to bear the names Rowland Watson and Thomas Wild, respectively.

In addition, we offer a range of remanufacturing services for existing Rowland Watson and Thomas Wild guns, giving your gun a new lease of life. Discover your options here.

The Gunroom

As well as our own new guns, we have an expansive range of guns and rifles, both new and second-hand, to suit every requirement and any budget.


We have details of all our guns for sale on Guntrader.

Servicing & Repairs

We pride ourselves on our reputation for high quality craftsmanship, swift turnaround times and competitive prices.


If you would like to book your gun for servicing or repair work, please contact us.